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Mustajab VII

A short story from Muhammed Mustajab‘s collection قيام وانهيار آل مستجاب (Maktabat Al Usra, 1998) [The Rise and Fall of Clan Mustajab].

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The Battle of the Rabbits

A short story by Muhammed Mustajab from his collection القصص الأخرى (Madbouli Bookshop, 1986) [The Other Stories]. Mustajab was prolific but remains largely untranslated, though perhaps his best book ديروط الشريف ومن التاريخ السري لنعمان عبد الحافظ which combines a novella written in 1983 and a short story collection produced a year later, has been translated by Humphrey Davies with the title Tales from Dayrut

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