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The Translator’s Soliloquy

A translation of a poem by Ahmed Shafie, حديث المترجم لنفسه


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A poem by Ahmed Shafie

A new poem by Ahmed Shafie, found here in Arabic.

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Two poems by Ahmed Shafie

Two poems by Ahmed Shafie, the first unpublished, the second from his collection وقصائد أخرى (Dar Al Nahda, 2012) [And Other Poems], other poems from which can be found here.


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Poems by Ahmed Shafie

Poems by Ahmed Shafie published in أخبار الأدب. 

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The Creator

An excerpt from الخالق (Kotob Khan, 2013) [The Creator], a novel by Egyptian poet, translator and novelist Ahmed Shafie. The excerpt is in fact a string of passages from the first half of this complex, playful novel; one thread out of many introducing the central story , which is the creation of a city of wonders, populated with automata and equipped with buildings and streets that pop up and down and alter their layout, all located in some unnamed emirate and designed by legendary Japanese architect, Haturi Masanari. Ahmed lives and works in Muscat and has several publications to his name including a couple of poetry collections–وقصائد أخرى (Dar Al Nahda, 2012) [And Other Poems] and طريق جانبي ينتهي بنافورة [A Side Street Ending in a Fountain]–and a novel, رحلة سوسو (General Authority for Cultural Palaces, 2005) [Sousou’s Journey]. He has at least two blogs, here and here

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