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A poem by Ahmed Shafie

A new poem by Ahmed Shafie, found here in Arabic. .

Two poems by Ahmed Shafie

Two poems by Ahmed Shafie, the first unpublished, the second from his collection وقصائد أخرى (Dar Al Nahda, 2012) [And Other Poems], other poems from which can be found here. h

Poems by Ahmed Shafie

Poems by Ahmed Shafie published in أخبار الأدب. 

11 poems by Ahmed Shafie

Eleven poems from Ahmed Shafie’s collection وقصائد أخرى (Dar Al Nahda, 2012) [And Other Poems]. Youssef Rakha has written about this collection here with many fine translations woven into the text.

The Translator’s Soliloquy

A translation of a poem by Ahmed Shafie, حديث المترجم لنفسه .

The Creator

An excerpt from الخالق (Kotob Khan, 2013) [The Creator], a novel by Egyptian poet, translator and novelist Ahmed Shafie. The excerpt is in fact a string of passages from the first half of this complex, playful novel; one thread out of many introducing the central story , which is the creation of a city of wonders, […]