In Dhu Salam

by qisasukhra

The twelfth poem, بذي سلم والدير من حاضر الحمى, from Ibn Arabi’s ترجمان الأشواق  



In Dhu Salam and the monastery

by Hima

are gazelles that offer you the sun

in images, as idols


I watch stars coursing

and I serve a chapel

and I guard a garden

its bright page in spring,

now called the gazelle’s herdsman

now monk and now astrologer,

my beloved is now three, once one

just as the persons were become

one in essence. Come


my friend, do not refuse to hear me


Ghazala, Disk, Illuming Sun

for gazelles circling round the idols

Gazelles, necks craning

Faces for the sun

White idol’s breast and wrist

in which way I have dressed the branches

and conferred natures on the garden.

a smiling mouth on lightning