A poem by Wadie Saadeh for Rana Altonsi

by qisasukhra

The Egyptian poet Rana Altonsi asked for a translation of this Wadie Saadeh poem, العشبة, from his 2006 collection رتق الهواء [Darning the air]



The grass

He wants to go back. In the wall of his house is a tuft of grass he wants to go back and see.

Guardian of the two stones and soul of their communion across the crack in that wall. The wall whose stones he laid stone against stone careful not to leave a space. But they found a soul and in a moment unattended a small space grew.

To the child of that space, to the child of that inattention, he wants to go back.

He does not long for the house. He does not long for anyone.

He wants only to go back

to see the grass.