Two poems: Mohab Nasr

by qisasukhra

Two more poems by Mohab Nasr, as yet unpublished.



They wander streets

page through books on the pavement

or the water’s edge.

And at night

narghiles at their mouths

old fumes

and words

that glow and grow dim

without departing.


*** ***


The sea we know


The sea we know

was a spontaneous motion

a fear running over

holding taut the surface

of our bodies, wave after wave

and time was, too

                                  a deep blue

     in whose depths we tasted

only sand, our hands waving greeting

as though to be saved.

And we would scream sometimes.

But so much water.

              It would send us back

and we would remain ashore

vomiting up the history of our isolation.

The true sea

    the sea we truly feared

was in the sky

was an earth upturned

gazing and saying, Come.

The true sea

spoke just as we did

was defined and clear

                                                           beyond bearing

and set stars here and there and sent its silver

oars through the darkness of our souls.

The true sea

was not blind had

no depths even.

It could all be yours

for no more than to think it

at which you would see

the true sea was simple

enough that you could walk with it, so

    hand in hand

could ask it to, directly.

The true sea

did not need your nakedness.

The true sea

                       was here

when we had it in us, you and I

to love, truly

not understanding what this word might mean.